Dr. Anwar obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne,
Australia, in 2005. Before joining UIII, he was Visiting Associate
Professor at Universiti Utara Malaysia (2012-2019), Senior
Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School (2011-2012), and
Ford Foundation Research Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
He was selected by the Geneva-based United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCFHR) as one of 5
independent experts representing the group of Asian States
(2006-2007). He was also Executive Director of International
Center for Islam and Pluralism (2003-2010). His works include
“Political Islam in Post-Soeharto Indonesia” (in Southeast Asia
and the Middle East: Islam, Movement, and the Longue Duree,
NUS Press, 2009), “The Clash of Religio-Political Thought: The
Contest Between Radical-Conservative-Islam and Progressive
Liberal Islam in Post-Soeharto Indonesia” (in The Future of
Secularism, Oxford, 2007), and “The Role of Civil Islam in Dealing
with the Issues of Radicalism and Terrorism” (in Democratization
and the Issue of Terrorism in Indonesia, KAS, 2005).