Prof. Piscatori teaches Muslim Society and Global Affairs at
UIII. He has worked at several universities in Britain, Australia,
and the United States. In Britain, he was Fellow of the Oxford
Centre for Islamic Studies and Fellow of Wadham College,
Oxford; and Professor of International Politics in the University
of Aberystwyth. He was also Professor at the Australian National
University and Associate Professor in the School of Advanced
International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University. He has also
been Senior Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs
in London and the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.
He has served on several international collaborative committees
such as the Committee for the Comparative Study of Muslim
Societies of the Social Science Research Council and was co-
editor of a series on Muslim Politics for Princeton University
Press. Prof. Piscatori is the author of Muslim Politics (Princeton
2004), Islam, Islamists, and the Electoral Principle (ISIM 2000),
and Islam in a World of Nation-States (Cambridge 1986).