Master inPolitical Science

The MA in Political Science program is designed to equip students with excellent theoretical knowledge and expertise relevant to researchers, policymakers, community organizers, and religious leaders to deal with a variety of social and political problems in our contemporary era.

Students will take several courses that constitute the core of their expertise in either Comparative Politics or International Relations. For those wishing to pursue further education, the MA in Political Science program will provide substantive and theoretical knowledge of key issues in the study of politics, and a strong methodological foundation to conduct further research in this field of study.

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Expected Learning Outcomes/Competency of MA inPolitical Science
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Have a broad knowledge of various approaches and theories in political science,


Have an excellent understanding of political institutions and processes in the Muslim World and beyond,


Demonstrate a good command of relevant research skills in political science, along with competence in conducting research consistent with the norms and manners of the discipline


Show competence to apply their theoretical knowledge to explain the political dynamics of Muslim states and societies and beyond.


Degree Requirements

To qualify for the M.A degree, students must complete at least 42 credits. The credits include foundation and scope, core and elective courses, research method, academic writing, and a MA thesis submission. All the requirements must be completed within two years (four semesters).

Course Structure

M.A. in Political Science students must develop substantive and theoretical knowledge in either Comparative Politics or International Relations by doing the core courses that fall under the category of each sub-field. Students must also pass the foundation, research method, elective courses, and University/Faculty courses that are listed as a requirement. In terms of research methods, students are expected to have completed both qualitative and quantitative research methods before writing their MA thesis.

The requirement will be satisfied with the following components:

  • Foundation, Scope, and Method : 12 credits
  • Core and Elective Courses : 21 credits
  • Academic Writing : 3 credits
  • MA Thesis : 6 credits


Career Path

The academic training at the MA in Political Sciences program of the Faculty of Social Science at the UIII is intended to equip students with theoretical and empirical foundation to help them advancing their career in academia, international organizations, civil society organizations/NGOs, diplomatic world and government sectors, journalism,
and also private sectors that increasingly are in need of cultural, social, and political understanding of the environment in which they are operating especially countries that have substantial proportion of Muslims population.