Our Missions

Distinctive Academic

Providing distinctive academic programs that combine a rich understanding of the political development of Muslim states and societies and rigorous training in political sciences and research methodology.

Cutting-edge Research

Producing and disseminating cutting-edge research on political transformations of Muslim politics and societies.

Building a vibrant intellectual

Building a vibrant intellectual community committed to exploring enduring questions of religion, politics, and governance in a complex, globalized world

Academic Program

MA in Political Science

The MA in Political Science program is designed to equip students with excellent theoretical knowledge and expertise relevant to researchers, policymakers, community organizers, and religious leaders to deal with a variety of social and political problems in our contemporary era. Students will take several courses that constitute the core of their expertise in either Comparative Politics or International Relations. For those wishing to pursue further education, the MA in Political Science program will provide substantive and theoretical knowledge of key issues in the study of politics, and a strong methodological foundation to conduct further research in this field of study.

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Academic Program

Ph.D. in Political Science

The Ph.D. in Political Science program is designed to produce scholars capable of conducting independent and original research about the political dynamics of Muslim states and societies. Graduates of the Ph.D. in Political Science program are expected to have excellent substantive and theoretical knowledge of political institutions and processes in the Muslim world and demonstrate an excellent command of research skills required to produce independent and original research in the subject areas of their scholarly interests.

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Academic Program

Master in Public Policy focusing on Climate Change

The Master in Public Policy program focusing on Climate Change aims to cultivate the next generation of sustainability leaders. Students enrolled in this program will acquire essential research skills for analyzing information and will develop critical thinking abilities necessary for proposing and evaluating public policies to tackle pressing challenges of climate change.

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